Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Planning for your financial future can be one of the most important things you do.

Financial planning helps you prepare for retirement, understand your tolerance for risk and set reachable investment goals. At Levin Funding Group, we can help you prepare for your future—whether it’s three years away or three decades – when it comes to your finances, investments and retirement plans.

The best financial planning takes into account personal goals and preferences, the current and future economic climate, risk tolerance, timeframes and more. Our team of advisers can help you create a customized financial plan that suits your investments, assets, lifestyle and next stages.

Planning for the Future

While no one can predict the future, understanding how various asset classes have performed over time can help us craft the ideal financial plan for your circumstances and interests. Market changes can dictate changes to your plan and goals, and our seasoned team can help you understand how economic shifts will impact your plan.

We will meet with you to discuss your investment goals and future plans and to develop a financial plan that suits you, rather than a cookie-cutter plan that doesn’t account for individual variance. We will regularly review your financial plan with you to ensure that it continues to meet your goals and expectations.

Making Sense of the Market

Every financial plan should incorporate a fine understanding of the marketplace yesterday, today and tomorrow. With that in mind, two typical approaches to investment models can help inform the details of your financial plan:

Strategic Investments:

Strategic investing focuses on diverse investing and is a great option for those with a high tolerance for risk and those who have a longer timeframe to work with when it comes to investments. If you look at market fluctuations as business as usual, strategic investments may comprise a large portion of your financial plan.

Preservation Investments:

On the other hand, preservation investing is focused on preserving and protecting your investments and is ideal for those with a lower tolerance to risk or shorter timeframe. If you know that you are uneasy with market fluctuations, then you financial plan will incorporate more preservation investing.

Planning for the future is planning for success.

The advisers at Levin Funding Group will take into account your risk tolerance, your financial goals and your timeframe for investing when creating your customized financial plan. With decades of experience in financial planning, Levin Funding Group advisors are experts at developing diversified portfolios to help you reach and even exceed your goals.

Your financial plan is also your life plan. It is the roadmap for where you are and where you hope to go throughout the rest of your life.

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