Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

When you envision your lifelong legacy, what does it look like? Feel like? If you’re unsure or need some help in carving out your legacy, Levin Funding Group can help.

More aspirational than other forms of financial planning, legacy planning is all about making a lasting impression. A legacy plan often goes hand in hand with an estate plan and is designed to create positive change, focused philanthropic giving and shared wisdom. More than just numbers, a legacy plan expresses your values and ideals.

The Legacy Planning Process

A great process of self-discovery, legacy planning helps you determine what you want your legacy to be and how to use your time, talents and funds to create that dream. It includes goal-setting and a thoughtful plan for achieving those goals.

The legacy planning process at Levin Funding Group entails the following steps:


  • Determining what most inspires you and how you can pass that inspiration along to the next generation, nonprofits and the world
  • Crafting a mission statement for your legacy; this helps you share your passion with family, friends and others who will be impacted by your legacy.
  • Seeking out the nonprofits or organizations that would best benefit from your legacy.
  • Family involvement, so that the next generation understands where your legacy is coming from and why it matters to you.
  • Strategizing the giving process in a way that resonates with your mission statement and the inspirations in your life.
  • And creating a team that will help you implement your legacy planning step by step.


The legacy planning process also focuses on how to best protect and preserve your estate and meshes with all of your other financial planning efforts.

The First Step

Unlike opening a checking or savings account, legacy planning entails time, thought, communication, precision and decisions. The Levin Funding Group team would be honored to help you shape and share your legacy. Please contact us today for more details on taking the first step in the legacy planning process.

Your legacy is your gift to the next generation, and it is the part of you that will live on for generations to come.

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