Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning


Are you ready for retirement? Have you recently examined your savings, investments, timeframe, goals and retirement plans? If not, retirement planning to maximize your investments should start as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, most Americans aren’t prepared for retirement and many have very little saved for this key milestone in life. Whether you hope to retire in the next few years or the next few decades and whether you hope to travel the world or enjoy life in your current home, preparation is critical to reaching your goal.

At Levin Funding Group, we will work with you to determine your timeline for retirement and what steps need to be taken in the meantime, so that when you reach retirement, you can focus more on enjoyment and less on finances.

Retirement in Two Phases

The Accumulation Phase:

This is where you build up investments to support your goal of retirement and your planned retirement lifestyle. Our retirement planning team can help you determine how much you need to accumulate and how long you have to do so. This process includes examining the factors of inflation, your current age and age of retirement, and the shape of your portfolio. Your retirement plan can be updated with changes in the economy, work and other financial situations.

The Distribution Phase:

Following your actual retirement, you will begin to withdraw from your savings or distribute your wealth. Naturally, it is important to have adequate funds saved, taking into account the unexpected. Many people retire and find that they haven’t saved enough, again underscoring the importance of the accumulation phase.

No matter where you are at in the retirement planning process, we can help you create a plan that works with your budget, lifestyle and retirement goals.

Retirement planning helps you envision the future of your dreams and set goals to help you get there. Levin Funding Group offers strategies and expertise to help you get the most out of your retirement.

Retirement is the pinnacle of your work and achievements. Rather than worry about dollars and cents, retirement should be about enjoying the best in life.

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